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Paris, the Trojan Prince

Before there was a celebrity named Paris or a city of lights sharing the name, there was another famous Paris connected with the most famous war in history. Paris (Alexandros/Alexander) was the son of King Priam of Troy and Queen Hecuba. Hecuba had a dream about the great trouble her unborn child would cause, so when Paris was born, instead of raising him, she ordered him exposed on Mt. Ida. Normally exposure of an infant meant death, but Paris was lucky. He was suckled by a she-bear, then raised to adulthood by a shepherd. Discord, in an act worthy of her name, gave a golden apple to the most beautiful goddess, but neglected to name her. She left that choice to the goddesses, but they couldnt decide among themselves. When they couldnt prevail upon Zeus to decide who was most beautiful, they turned to Paris. The 3 goddesses vying for the honor were Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. Each goddess offered something of great value as a bribe to make Paris name her as the most beautiful. Paris might have made his choice based on looks, but he chose the ​beauty goddess Aphrodite for her bribe. She rewarded him by making the most beautiful mortal, Helen, wife of Menelaus, fall in love with him. Paris then abducted Helen and took her to Troy, thereby starting the Trojan War. Death of Paris In the war, Paris (Achilles killer) was fatally wounded by one of Hercules arrows. Ptolemy Hephaestion (Ptolemaeus Chennus) says Menelaus killed Paris.

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The Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness - 1065 Words

The Declaration of Independence declares that human beings have certain unalienable rights, â€Å"that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.† Through slavery, these rights were systematically denied to a select class of people. George Santayana (1905) commented that, â€Å"those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.† Although abortion is legal in this country, the debate on whether it should be or not is far from settled. In November of 2014, Colorado Amendment 67 (The Personhood Initiative) initiated a state Constitutional amendment that would have included unborn human beings under the definition of â€Å"person† and â€Å"child† in the Colorado criminal code. The amendment failed. Unborn children are being†¦show more content†¦McPherson was asked, â€Å"If Lincoln were alive today, what position would [h]e take on abortion†¦?† (p. ix). McPherson responded: I do not pretend to know where Lincoln’s philosophy of liberty†¦would have led him on the abortion issue. But his ideas and actions on the subject of slavery, freedom, [and] civil liberties†¦are as interesting and perhaps as relevant today as they were a century and a quarter ago (pp. ix-x). How is freedom defined? What does it mean to be human? Is one class of people more important or more human than another? These questions relate directly to the issue of slavery and to the issue of abortion. McPherson (1988) points out that both sides during the civil war fought for freedom (p. vii). Both sides in the issue of abortion claim to defend freedom today. But how are freedom and liberty defined? Abraham Lincoln expressed this same this same thought: The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, 9 vols. (as cited in McPherson, 1991, p. 43). During Lincoln’s day, one side defined liberty as freedom for everyone. The other side defined liberty as the freedom to own slaves. Is the freedom to own slaves a freedom or a right for a select class of people? Does an individual or society have the freedom to take away the freedom of

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Human Resources Management Roles - 633 Words

Human Resources Management Roles Rebecca Persinger HCS/341 September 12, 2011 Colin Smith Human Resources Management Roles Human resources departments (HR Departments) are important and vital assets in a health care organization because HR Departments understand what health care is from a payers, physicians, consumers, regulators, and employees perspective. HR Departments provide strategic planning and functional support to an organization. HR Departments need to work with individuals in the organization to ensure the organization is successful and make sure every employee understands his or her duties (Gomez-Mejia, L., Balkin, D., and Cardy, R., 2010). The most important functional role for an HR Department is to create job†¦show more content†¦Health care organizations need to be compliant with state and federal laws if any issues arise, so the HR Department needs to make sure the organization is complying with those laws because delivering top notch services to people who need them is vitally important. The HR department also handles compensation and benef its that include salary, medical, dental, and vision insurance as well as retirement packages. Most health care organizations have a large number of employees, so this can be a very tedious task, if not challenging (Kirby amp; Hannah, 2006). In order for goals to be accomplished, the HR department helps the entire organization work together so those goals can be adequately accomplished. The HR department makes sure the right candidates are brought in for job openings within the organization, and works with each employee to ensure he or she knows his or her duties and has the proper training on those duties. The HR Department evaluates employees to make sure he or she is fulfilling his or her duties and makes sure the organization is compliant with state and federal laws. If a business wants to be successful and effective, they must connect with the HR department as it will help the organization work together to accomplish goals because the HR Department ensures theShow MoreRelat edHuman Resource Management And The Role Of Human Resources Essay2308 Words   |  10 Pages The changing role of Human Resources and the role of the Human Resources Business Partner Prepared by: Taznah Prins Prepared for: Anita Abbott Submitted on 16 October 2016 SIT-2016-MTG302.8 Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Introduction 2 3. Background 2 4. Literature review 3 5. Data collection plan and rationale 4 6. Conclusion 5 7. References 6 8. Appendices 6 8.1 Appendix A – Questionnaire 6 8.2 Appendix B – Email to the survey participants 8 1. Executive SummaryRead MoreHuman Resource Management Roles592 Words   |  3 PagesHuman Resource Management’s Role in the Health Care Industry HCS/341 Human Resources in Health Care January 9, 2012 Diane Rodriguez â€Æ' Human Resource Management’s Role in the Health Care Industry Human Resource Management helps healthcare organizations maintain a great relationship between the employees and their organization. Human Resource department of an organization has multiple responsibilities and its primary purpose is to improve the productive contribution of people within anRead MoreChanging Roles in Human Resources Management1136 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"The concept of â€Å"human resources management† implies that â€Å"employees† are resources of the company† (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2007, p. 2.). The human resources department traditionally has been seen by organizations as a necessary expense, rather than a value to the company (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, Wright, 2007, p. 1). Human resources management involves many crucial jobs, some of which include handling people in a professional manner, good intuition and adaptability, creativityRead MoreRoles And Importance Of Human Resource Management Essay1693 Words   |  7 Page sAnswer1. Roles and Importance of Human Resource Management Human Resource Management is the procedure of requirement, selection, giving orientation , making giving trainings to employees and the creating skills, appraisal of worker , giving remuneration and advantages, benefits, providing motivation, keeping up workers security, welfare and wellbeing by following work laws of concern state or nation. Human Resource Management is the procedure of usage of accessible restricted talented workforceRead MoreStrategic Role Of Human Resource Management1550 Words   |  7 Pagesthe face of increasing competitive environment organisation needs to focus on the value of investing human resources as a major competitive advantage. It is important to set a HRM to meet those advantages to meet company’s objectives with the flexible environment. Schuler (1992) defines strategic human resource management as â€Å"the integration and adaption to ensure (1) human resource management is fully with the strategy and the strategic needs of the firm (2) HR polices cohere both across policyRead MoreThe Role Of Human Resource Management And Operations3205 Words   |  13 PagesAir Transport Management and Operations Contents 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Principles of management 2.1 – Planning 2.2 – Organizing/controlling 2.3 – staffing 2.4 – controlling 2.5 – Management in Airline Industry 3.0 Human Resource Management 3.1 - History of Human Resource Management 3.2 - HRM vs PM 3.3 - Abraham Maslow’s theory 3-4 - HRM in Singapore Airlines Read MoreStrategic Role Of Human Resource Management Essay1813 Words   |  8 PagesThe human resource management refers to the activities that an organization uses, to implement a labor force in an effective manner; these activities are: the determination of the human resources strategy of the company, recruitment, performance evaluation, the administrative development, and remuneration and labor relations. The strategic role of human resource management in itself is complex in a national company, but it is even more in an international company, where recruitment activities, administrativeRead MoreThe Role Of Human Resource Management And Personnel Management1439 Words   |  6 Pagesmainly due to the development of the most essential part of an organisation. The Human Resource Department. The human resource department ensures that high morale of employees is kept constant to make sure that high output is produced. A happy workforce means a high output rate studies have shown. Wi thin this report the main aim is to delve into the historical development of human resources and personnel management. In addition, the report will look at how the workplace and employee and employerRead MoreThe Role Of Strategic Human Resource Management Essay1399 Words   |  6 Pagesexcellent model for competitors. Furthermore, as businesses continue to evolve so do their primary functions. Like Whole Foods, many companies today are expanding the use of strategic human resource management. In fact, now more than ever, executives are working closely and strategically with their human resources divisions in developing creative ways to implement proper policies, practices, and systems that can successfully influence employees’ attitude and performance† (Noe, Hollenback, GerhartRead MoreRole of Compensation in Human Resources Management773 Words   |  4 Pagesbenefits Posted by Numan Nazir on Friday, 02/12/2010 12:07 am       Human Resource Management (HRM) has never been as significant as it is today. Companies want to attract, retain and motivate brains to meet objectives. Today Humans are regarded as one of every company’s assets so they need to be efficiently and effectively managed. One of the tools companies use to attract, retain and motivate its people is Compensation Management. In this article, I shall define compensation and benefits along with

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Erin Lowe

Erin Lowe- author of many outstanding American History Essay Erin Lowe- also author of many outstanding American History essays. of which two are published somewhere here.. one about Peter Noyes, and another about Mercantilism.. Books wonquot;t stay banned. They wonquot;t burn. Ideas wonquot;t go to jailà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas. The source of better ideas is wisdom. The surest path to wisdom is a liberal education. The only way that the ideas of this world that are deemed bad are going to go away is if we are allowed to see them and change them. If we are not allowed to see what is bad then our society will never grow to become a better place. What censorship does is keep us protected; leaving us living sheltered lives. If we never see a racist comment how are we to know that racism is bad? At the same time Censorship can be a good thing because it keeps children from seeing pornography, and terrible acts of violence. However censorship should not keep anyone from seeing literature, even if it is considered slightly explicit in a sexual, racial, or violent manner. Censorship should leave the ideas of people alone and leave them with their first amendment rights. Amendment one of the United States Bill of Rights reads Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assembleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦. What this means is that we, in America have the right to be any religion, and to not have that religion forced upon us. We have the right to say what we want and to publish our ideas if we so wish, and to read the ideas that others have published. We can also peaceably assemble, or gather in protest without violence what we think is wrong. The biggest right that we have is that of free speech and press. We can say what we want! As American sometimes we take this for granted. However even though we have the right to free speech we have to draw the line somewhere, but where? We so often condemn books that were written to fight the very things that we claim to be fighting. This quote illustrates one of the things that are so wrong with censorship. We seem to ban or censor books, like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, that are actually against racism or whatever the objection to the book is. When a book is taken the wrong way it is simply the fault of the reader, and not the book. The book therefore cannot be censored in this case. To override the right of free speech on the grounds that the speech in question is likely to harm or offend others is to commit an act of censorship. Not all censorship of this manner is unjustified however, for some speech causes significant and direct harm to others, such as maliciously defaming speech, and speech which opens national secrets to enemies. There should be however a presumption that all speech is protected from censorship in that the censor always has to prove and to persuade the people that the speech is bad. In this way it is using new and better ideas to eliminate the bad ideas. The speaker should not have to prove every time that an individual challenges his/her speech that it really is good. The proof has to be that whatever harm or offense the speech has caused is significant, and direct. Free speech is a valuable thing, and should not be restricted by its remote or superficially adverse affect on others. Without free speech no search for truth is possibleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ no discovery of truth is usefulà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Better a thousandfold abuse of free speech that denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life f the people, and entombs the hope of the race. This quote had an excellent point in the case against censorship. To discover new ideas and the truth of life we need to be exposed to new thoughts, and different thoughts. If we always saw the same thoughts over and over we could never expand; we could never become better as a society without new ideas. If new ideas cannot be written or seen then their discovery is useless, for they cannot help without being seen. SO it is better that we see cases in which free speech is used in a bad way, such as in defaming specific people or groups or ideas, than to have no free speech at all as a result of free censorship. Defaming something that should not be defamed can be recovered from, for good things will be supported more than gone against. Also, things that need to be obliterated from society will be by this right of free speech. The denial of free speech will smother the life of a society. A society where different ideas arenquot;t all owed will soon fail. However there is no right to harm or to offend other people. If an idea in a book is explicitly insulting a particular group or person it could be censored, depending on the type of offense. If, for example a book says that African Americans are all stupid, simple, and should be killed off for this fact the book should only be read by choice, and not be forced upon anyone. An adult is capable of making a choice not to read, or allow their child to read a book that is expressly offensive to them. People always seem to be not concerned with what they read, but with what other people read. Quite often it is a white person that bans a book for fear that it might insult an African American, or a male, thinking that it might insult a female. Did you ever hear anyone say quot;That work had better be banned because I might read it and it might me very damaging to mequot;? People should really only censor for themselves, and they should be allowed to censor for themselves. The mind that becomes soiled in youth can never again be washed clean This statement is in many cases true. Elevator History EssayThe main character, a very shy hardware clerk only comes alive when he is in a role in the local theatre group. The director in the story decides to do the play A Streetcar Named Desire. The hardware clerk, Harry becomes Marlin Brando in the play and a young girl named Helene who plays Stella in the play falls in love with him. Because harry was left on the doorstep of a church as a baby he has no concept of self, and Helene was always employed moving from place to place, so she never developed a personality of her own. Both of them therefore yearn for an environment in which they can blend in and feel that they have an identity. They marry, and their marriage only works because they are constantly reading lines of couples from various plays. The story More Stately Mansions was about a woman who from the beginning of the story is rather odd and in the end seems completely psychotic. The theme of the story is that the dream is always more precious than the reality. A couple moves into a suburban home and discovers that their neighbor Grace has an obsession with home decorating. Grace invites them over for a couple drinks and they discover that Gracequot;s home is rather dull, dirty, and everything is falling apart. Grace falls sick and while she is in the hospital her husband inherits enough money that he can do all of her decorating that shequot;d been dreaming about over the years. When she came home from the hospital however the only thing that she notices is the bouquet of roses that her husband bought her. She seems to think that this was the way that she left her house, and that it was always perfect and beautiful. She sits on the couch, looking rather depressed and her husband announces that a new Home Beautiful has come in the mail, to which she replies read one and youquot;ve read them all when she used to be obsessed with the magazines. The Foster Portfolio is one of the most pessimistic of any of the stories. IT is one of his many stories about the relationships between fathers and sons. Herbert Foster works as a bookkeeper to support his wife and child. He has inherited almost a million-dollar stock portfolio, but he feels that the money is tainted because it came from his father, a man who abandoned wife and child to devote his life to playing music and to drinking gin and he wonquot;t touch it. Three nights a week Herbert goes out to a cheap bar because he had the respectability his mother had hammered into him. But just as priceless as that was an income not quite big enough to go around. It left him no alternative but- in the holy names of wife, child and home- to play piano in a dive, and breathe smoke, and drink gin, to be Firehouse Harris, his fatherquot;s son, three nights out of seven. Fosterquot;s split personality causes him to find it necessary to create roles that help him cope with what seem unbearable problems. The story that gives this book the biggest merit is The Kid Nobody Could Handle. The music teacher, Helmholtz is appalled to find that Jim Donnini, a juvenile delinquent from the streets of Chicago, has been vandalizing Lincoln High School. Filled with compassion and desperation Helmholtz offers him his most prized possession, John Philip Sousaquot;a trumpet. When the boy initially shows no interest, Helmholtz hammers the instrument against a coat tree and mutter that Life is no damn good ; and only then does Donnini show any interest in Helmholtz. With the start of a new school semester, Jim Donnini takes the last seat of the worst trumpet section of the C band. As Helmholtz tells him and the rest of the band Our aim is to make the world more beautiful than it was when we came into ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Love yourselfà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦and make your instrument sing about it Vonnegut is saying in this story that without a sense of self worth it is impossible for anyone to achieve anything. The entire book Welcome to the Monkey House was banned only a few times, for it isnquot;t taught in very many schools. However the main example of it being banned was in Alabama, where a teacher was fired for teaching it because the book promoted the killing off of the elderly, and free sex. The teacher later sued, and won. These two things, the killing off of the elderly, and free sex were both in the actual story welcome to the Monkey House. The story did promote free sex, but only normal amounts of sex. The idea was that the pills were wrong, not that people now should have more sex. As for the killing off of the elderly, the idea was for the killing off of anyone that wanted to die because there was a large population problem going on. There were also many good reasons for the book being taught. The book has many morals taught in it and just about every story has a positive message in it. The positive message in All the Kings Horses was about making good choices and being bold in life, the message in The Kid Nobody Could Handle was about believing in yourself. There was even a positive message in More Stately Mansions that dreams are sometimes better than reality, and that the dreamer is not necessarily bad. The positive message in Welcome to the Monkey House is that sometimes the big guy is wrong, and change can be brought about by one small person, along with that we shouldnquot;t as a society be afraid of sex. In most cases censorship indeed seems to be only a violation of peoples right to free speech. It is, in the words of the Disinformation website an easy way for prudish control freaks to get their jollies. However, there are cases in which censorship is right. For children, there is a reason for censorship, but adults can decide whether or not they want to read books like Welcome to the Monkey House.

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Students Should Be Allowed to Take Their Choice of Courses free essay sample

There has been much debate on whether or not high schools should choose courses for their students. While others are of the opinion that courses should be chosen for students, others believe that students should be given the opportunity to choose the courses they wish to study. In my point of view, high schools should give students the chance to choose the courses they want to study. First of all, students should be given the opportunity to take their future into their own hands. Before students move to high schools, they have studied in primary schools and best know the subjects they are good at.Some even decide the subjects they will do in high schools while they are still in primary schools. So, choosing a subject for students like these ones who have already made first hand decisions on what to do in high schools will be detrimental for them and their career. We will write a custom essay sample on Students Should Be Allowed to Take Their Choice of Courses or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Furthermore, some students already know what to do in future before they move to high schools. There are students whose family members are already workers in places like; companies and hospitals. A student might decide to major in electrical engineering because a family member has guaranteed him or her a job in an engineering company.The school might not know this and decide that the student takes arts courses. This will be doing more harm than good to the student, and there is a high possibility that the student will not have the desire to study in that domain, because he/she does not know the importance of it in his/her future. Finally, some students hate certain subjects in primary school, and will want to avoid those subjects when they move to high schools. While in primary school, students perform differently in different subjects, and will want to avoid those courses they consider as their personal nightmare when they are in high schools.If subjects are to be chosen for students, there will be a possibility that one of these courses might be selected for the student. If he/she continues to perform poorly in the subject, it can even cause him/her to drop out of school. To conclude, high schools are places where students go to prepare for their future, and for those reasons; students should be given the chance to take their future into their own hands. If in addition that student knows the specific job they will do in future and hate majoring in subjects they consider as their nightmares, they should be given the opportunity to select the courses they want to study.

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The Pearl Essays - The Pearl, Kino, Free Essays, Term Papers

The Pearl Essays - The Pearl, Kino, Free Essays, Term Papers The Pearl Kino found a pearl It was as big as a girl Now Kino was as rich as a king During the weather of spring After that Kino met a doctor His name was Procter He wanted to buy the Pearl Because it was as good as a murl Kino said no to the offer Because it was a bother And it reminded of him of his canother That looks like another After that Kino left his house To go find a blouse And was later greeted by beggars They were a bunch of trolls Who would want nothing but rolls When they saw the Pearl they were amazws It looked they were dazed All they had were a few pesos Later that dad there were people trying to find Kino But Kino went into hiding like a talentino Kino realized the pearl was making him crazy It made him so lazy The next day he met his brother Juan Thomas He was a very lovely Hippopotamus Kino asked what he should do Juan told him to throw the Pearl back to the lake Kino was infuriated like a cake So he went into hiding To have peace like a fiding Kino and Juana hid in a cave It was as big as a rave Later that night Kino saw 3 men They were as fat as a hen Kino wanted to go kill them Before they would steal the pearl Kino snuck behind them And killed all of them The next day Kino threw the Pearl back to the lake

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Negative Letter (Health-Insurance) Personal Statement

Negative Letter (Health-Insurance) - Personal Statement Example Catherine's is included in a different HMO plan. Since St. Catherine is not covered by your current HMO coverage, the company will not be able to reimburse the costs from your surgery. In the future, you may switch your coverage to one of the plans that includes St. Catherine's Hospital during the next open enrollment period, but past surgeries can not be covered. If you are concerned about covering your current surgery balance, you may want to contact our local credit union since it is offering excellent rates on short-term loans. The company has referred previous debt management situations with the local credit union and patrons have reported a high success and satisfaction rate. The head of accounting and payroll, Joan Bean, is capable of assisting you with debt management. Her e-mail address is Jbean@company.net and she can assist you in choosing an option that will best fit your financial concerns. I will inform her of the situation so that she may have some options available upon your request. Each of the Company's selected HMO packages offers excellent coverage to specified locations and medical professionals. If you have any specific questions regarding your benefits package, please don't hesitate to contact me. I can provide you with another welcome packet that outlines the specific benefits and locations offered by your selected HMO provider.